Dr. Shock’s Emergency Playground

November 6, 2008
Astoria 2, London
Featuring Dan Le Sac VS Scroobius Pip, The Clik Clik, Eddy Temple Morris, Cheeba, The Freewheeling Troubadour, and Cabaret & things…

by Joanna Orland

Maybe it was the fact that we arrived in the middle of a dance-off between “Dr. Shock” and a man who looked like an accountant, maybe it was the sheer amount of vodka we had consumed, or maybe it was the randomness of it all – but Dr. Shock’s Emergency Playground confused the heck out of us.

Lots of flashy random things going on around us, with the highlight being Pete The Street Magician who’s freaky tricks really did our heads in. The music was so-so, but we didn’t stay long enough to check out DLS vs. SP… I’m just going to guess they were great. Anyway, it was good to go on a night out at the classic Astoria 2 venue before it gets imminently demolished. And randomness is always fun. And street Magic is the stuff of nightmares. How did he DO that???

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