Spiral Beach


Features, Music, Review | by — September 23, 2008


Secret gig at The Drake in Toronto
September 22, 2008

by Joanna Orland

If you live outside of Canada you might not know of Spiral Beach – but stay tuned because I’m nearly certain that they are destined for international stardom.

Filling venues in their hometown for the past few years, Spiral Beach have been pumping out catchy original tunes with a fresh rockabilly/ska/pop sound that would rival bands with 20 years experience. Not only are their tunes fun, fresh and catchy, but they are great TECHNICAL musicians. You wouldn’t expect such a pro sounding band from looking at their youthful and cool appearance, but these kids can ROCK!

If you don’t believe me, check them out for yourselves. Bet you can’t even tell the difference between their studio and live recordings! Flawless!
Props to Ryan for hooking me up with the CD! It’s on loop.

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