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Features, Television | by — September 18, 2008


by Dani Aronson

BBC America – i have a bone to pick with you. although i love you, sometimes i wonder who is in charge of the programming at your headquarters. i mean, do we really need 10 hours of ‘cash in the attic’ ? really, i find ‘hex’ very enjoyable, but marathons that go on for multiple weeks is just not necessary. i remember when i first moved back to new york- i found comfort in the ‘eastenders’ omnibus on sundays- that is now GONE. there have been a couple of good moves on your part : ‘little britain’, ‘shameless’ (although ONLY series one), ‘mile high’, ‘peep show’ (at the odd hour)… but maybe we could take this to the next level darlings. how about ‘the book group’, ‘the high life’, and ‘gimmie gimmie gimmie’? HELLO- QUALITY! how about airing ‘trisha’ and ‘countdown’ once in a while you wankers?? i have sent my resume in numerous times in an effort to infiltrate your company and turn it into the best bloody channel it can be. there are so many amazing shows that you have access to, and you continue to have shite marathons of shite shows. get it together!! maybe if you aired ‘skins’, half of north america wouldn’t have downloaded that illegally- which we will continue to do- until you let ivana gayman bend you over, and spank the sense into you. the only solution is this: make ivana gayman CEO of bbcamerica, hire jordan as your spokesmodel, ship posh spice to the outskirts of essex, make marcus patric my love slave, and throw a cadbury crunchie in there for good measure. cheers- slags.

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