Stereo MCs Album Launch Party


Features, Music, Review | by — July 15, 2008


Hoxton Bar & Grill, London

by S P

‘If you make sure you’re connected, the writing’s on the wall’ – Not only did Stereo MCs CONNECT, they made us move to the left, to the right, we stepped it up, it was indeed alright.

In celebration of 20 odd years of putting out records, Stereo MCs album launch party at Hoxton Bar and Kitchen is a prologue to their 9th studio album. Their ultra-hypnotic beats and evolving elements come from vocalist Rob Birch, DJ/producer Nick Hallam, drummer Owen If, and for their live gigs assembled singers Cath Coffey and Rachel Birch.

Watching Stereo MCs live confirms their status as one of the best dance bands around, and also establishes them as one of the scene’s most important too. Staying true to their hip hop / electronica / alternative dance roots, Stereo MCs live achieved spectacular results. Rob Birch reminded me of one of those street pushers at Brixton tube station, always friendly with a wayward edge. I had no expectations when I walked into the venue but I left as a fan.

Double Bubble (2008) is out now.

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