by Marko Domazet

Launching on the 2nd and 3rd of October, Londoners will have an opportunity to visit a unique event showcasing some cool talent from the world of music and contemporary art. The events, oddly titled Concrete and Glass, will be hosted at a number of east London venues and although the full details are yet to be released, we are promised hosts like Young Turks (yeah, I don’t know who they are either), Greco Roman (again, no idea but I hear they have something to do with sonic wrestling) and Time Out (finally a name a commoner like myself has heard of!).

Yesterday night, our Hot Red Producer at Large and Yours Truly, went along to a bit of a preview launch party at Shoreditch House and experienced amazing Swedish pear cider (go Kopparberg!!!!!), a few hot boys, and some performance art that left yours truly confused and intrigued.

Personally, and at this very moment in time, I feel more excited about the press release than the launch party I visited last night. The idea sounds cool and could be a great way to spend a night out in East London. The launch party however, lacked direction and the random choice of location (a small bar in Shoreditch house that was far too crowded) made it difficult to grasp the event and the acts that were performing.

I reckon this is one is worth keeping your eyes on – although needing a wristband makes it trickier to do just drop in and see what’s going on – and would recommend you log onto for full details.

Tickets go on sale on Monday 21st July and full details will be announced shortly.

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