Smash and Grab @ Punk

Thursday April 24, 2008

by S P

What are we smashing and grabbing on a Thursday night? Not sure! Tonight’s theme is Country Life – which I failed to realise. However my lack of dress sense on a daily basis saved me as I look vaguely hillbilly most days and indeed I blended in. With an initial buzz on Punk, Smash and Grab is their weekly Thursday club night special! So what is sooooo special about it…

To begin with, this small intimate venue has a charming appearance. Through the entrance, going down the stairs, we are greeted with welcoming leather seats around venue. In the corner is a stage for live acts with a diminutive dance floor and this is where The Holloways demonstrated their command over the audience. These boys are truly amazing and have great stage presence. I have never before paid any attention to their music and to my amazement I was WOWed by their sense of rhythm and upbeat lyrics about life. Their vigour and energy were truly uplifting! Proving enormously popular with the masses, The Holloways ended their set with their hit Generator. Not only are they great performers, they are extremely sweet and down to earth. Check out our special backstage pictures of The Holloways. Alfie Jackson, the lead singer kindly rounded the band up for some pictures. Immensely charming and endearing. I do send my thanks to him.

Warmed up by the lively act, Smash and Grab’s resident DJs Queens of Noize and G.O.D plus special guest DJs Chris Cunnigham and Lyndell offered a mash up collection of assorted tunes. This is a Quality Street chocolate box kind of musical format: every one is different in colour, taste, shape and size. A blend of 80s music from the likes of Depeche Mode, New Order / Joy Division and some new indie classics including Kasabian, Wombats, Kings of Leon, We Are Scientist kind of stuff. Also, thrown in the mix for good measure was some Hot Chip, CSS, LCD Soundsystem and lots more electronic dance music. Dancing your socks off is an understatement. I think glasses of wine helped but this was FUN!

If dancing with nobody watching is not your thing, but shameless self-promotion is, then move into the spot light. You can strut your stuff in front of the camera for some brazen action. There’s a video camera area where you can perform for the whole world to see. If I’m not wrong, your wonderful dancing will be projected around Punk and uploaded online. A pretty lady and a pretty lady boy (with I love Argentina headband- see photo) will gladly help and provide you with silly looking props from the worst costume shop in London. Armed with your horse and cowboy hat, you can entertain everybody in Punk or wait till a talent scout spots you. Even if performance art is not your cup of tea, consider standing around to observe the highly entertaining voluntary spontaneous ad hoc performances courtesy of others. Yes, do feel free to laugh at other people’s expense.

It’s a shame that Smash and Grab isn’t on Friday or Saturday as I would like to have stayed longer but the thought of a nice egg tart and decaf coffee at Bar Italia proved way too enticing. Smash and Grab is almost perfect – it’s a fantastic club night. I shall return to Punk and endure the dreadful wait at the door. The crowd is made up by trendy and stylish individuals. Well worth standing in the queue just for the sake of people watching. Overall, Punk’s Smash and Grab night is SWEET!

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