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We went. We saw. We felt old

by Joanna Orland & Isla MC

Last night the original Loose Lips girls went to upmarket celeb haunt Mahiki (frequented by Prince William, dontcha know) for the launch of ARTARTART: a night of exhibitionism apparently.

If your idea of exhibitionism is a bunch of baby-faced teenagers in self-conciously trendy clothing shrieking at each other, then yes, you would be correct. Although they were incredibly sweet teenagers (props to the girl who showed me where the loo was – she probably felt like she was assisting her granny). There is no doubt that we were not only amongst the oldest people in the club but also the only ones who had never attended Eton.

It may sound to you like we had a bad time, but AH HA! You would be wrong! The night is hosted by Smash & Grab, who do another weekly knees-up at Punk with resident DJs Queens of Noize and g.o.d (girls on decks), so the music was fucking brilliant. And which self-respecting woman turns down the opportunity to perv on some young totty? There were also some young ladies walking around with no clothes on so I think the chaps were kept pretty happy too.

The venue’s fun, the music’s awesome, the drinks are super expensive (just put them on daddy’s credit card), it’s a great night. But maybe one you don’t want to go to too often if you want to stay feeling young, hip and fairly flush (thank god we managed to persuade the barman to give us discounted drinks, seeing as we’re practically pensioners and all.).


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