LFF Update

We’ve been quite busy covering the London Film Festival the past 2 weeks. If you’re looking for a quick fix before we post our feature on the festival, then here are a couple of pics:

Jason Schwartzman, Michael Pitt, James Marsden and Patrick Dempsey all in Londontown for the LFF!

And if you get the chance to see just one film, check out Juno by Jason Reitman! A clear favourite! Other highlights have been Wes Anderson’s Darjeeling LTD, Exte Hair Extensions (a Japanese horror film about killer hair extensions – AWESOME), and lots of other films that i can’t remember as they all blend into one strange film about a cartoon princess who ends up in Manhattan where she gets tortured by two crazy guys who think they’re in Clockwork Orange who join the Black Panthers and get arrested for murdering a cop in the wild wild west where the LA plastic art scene has become very popular. Or something like that. Brain melt.

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