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Interviews, Music | by — September 10, 2007

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by Joanna Orland

Jack Penate is not what you think he is. He’s not just another pretty boy on the London scene; he’s not just another version of Lily Allen, Kate Nash or Jamie T. He seems to abhor fame and the fact that he shared an NME cover with Kate Nash leading people to pigeonhole him by association, therefore misjudge him as his music is nothing like hers except for the fact that he has a vague London accent.

Jack as a person is quite different to Jack as a musician. Musically he can often come across as harsh or self-proclaimed ‘simple’ as many of his musical influences have been derived from ska and soul among other genres. Personally he seems thoughtful, easy-going, genuinely concerned that I might have lost my Ipod on the ferry ride over (I didn’t, don’t worry) and a happy individual. And why shouldn’t he be with his debut album breaking the charts and him loving every minute of it!

Excited yet nervous to play Bestival, Jack has worked his way up from trying to entertain crowds of 10 people, to holding his own on a festival stage. He’s still down to earth enough to let the paranoia of a potential lack of audience get to him. Lucky for us he realises that it’s worth that risk in exchange for the possibility that he might make a new fan or two in the crowd.

With witty analogies comparing studio recording and live recording to writing a play and being an actor, Jack creates music for his sanity, as it is his emotional outlet. With soulful and ‘simple’ music, a thoughtful manner and raw geniality, Jack Penate has won me over.

One word to sum him up? Non-cynical. He is one happy chap indeed!

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