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Fashion, Features | by — August 12, 2007


by Dani Aronson

kate moss. supermodel. fashion icon. rockstar girlfriend. smelly minge (so i hear- it kicks up a right pong) ick. kate moss is perhaps one of the most famous women in the world- and by far in the top 3 as far as brits go. is there anything kate moss can’t do?! apparently kate moss is developing a perfume. this is not a rare thing anymore- all these semi-famous ho’s slap their names on all sorts of shite. perfume has become a very popular celebrity venture. my all time favorite was cumming- by alan cumming. i really love that man- have you ever seen his bbc series MILE HIGH. check that shite out! so- back to miss moss. i guess a fashion line makes sense- but a perfume??- i mean- kate moss is rumored to be one of the smelliest dirty ladies on earth! would anyone who showered more than once a month be able to handle pete doughty’s dirty skin rubbing against them any other way!? this bitch looks hot- i admit it- but i can almost smell her poo-poo stank through the vogue magazine. kate moss perfume!? REFUND! you know who should make a perfume? carol voderman- i bet she smells like roses, cupcakes, and jonathan ross. i wuv jonthan woss!

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