Secret Garden Party

by Joanna Orland

Walking into Secret Garden Party was like being Alice in Wonderland – one giant Acid trip! There was something in the air – the whole festival was just one big surreal experience. And it was OH so delightful!

Every step was something new and the randomness never eased up. After setting up camp (we walked for MILES cuz the cackling banshees at the box office thought it would be funny to send us the long way round), the first random thing we spotted was SOCK WRESTLING! That’s right, a giant crowd gathered round watching two grown men trying to take each other’s socks off! awesome.

Next was the Medieval randomness lurking round the corner. Medieval costumes, ‘vehicles’, music and MEAD! Mmm mmm mmm. Oh and the costumes. They were so extravagant. People went all out and really got into character. Take Robin Hood for example – prancing around to the tunes of Eskimo Disco.

By nightfall some sort of bizarre pagan-type ritual took place as a giant HAND on the river was set ablaze as a chorus of drums and fire jugglers danced the night away. The crowd released floating lanterns into the sky, looking like the ghosts of pacman finally broke free! The most amazing sight I’ve ever seen at a festival. They really went all out for this!

With all this wonderful randomness, I almost forgot there was music at Secret Garden Party! Apparently Kate Nash played on Sunday afternoon, but to be honest, it was all about the fun oddities that surrounded you in the secret garden. The music wasn’t the focus, but a nice addition nonetheless.

Anyway, I’m still recovering so I’ll wrap this up! AWESOME festival of total weirdness with some good music on in the background if you can tear yourself away from the randomness long enough to find it.

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