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by Suzi

It started off all so easy… we arrived with no queues, loads of camping space, clean toilets and the tent was up before the sun went down. After a few more beers we went off to explore the site and prepare ourselves for the weekend of messiness ahead. But this was only the beginning…

I managed to get a relatively early night’s sleep only to be woken by the hardest hitting rain fall in the worst tent ever made (£12 from Tesco’s), which was doing rather well considering. But as the weather turned into an English monsoon it was actually raining inside the tent and water was slowly seeping in from every side. I suddenly became obsessed by keeping the rain out of tent using anything I could find to prevent the tent from turning into a swimming pool. I soon realised that this was a complete waste of time.

So off for big breakfast in Café Tango, drinking beers and watching the mud levels rise and rise. At this point the word was that everything was to be cancelled. Luckily the rain cleared and after a couple more beers it was off to the Glade stage for some delayed Dreadzone. They really managed to get the party started with some classic tunes and he even let his nine-year-old son share his talent with the crowd. I’m sure he will be entering Dreadzone in no time (even if his broad knowledge of drugs was a little disturbing).

Once Dreadzone finished we headed for the breaks tent when I began to realise any attempt to follow any kind of line up was going to be difficult. Asking fellow ravers who we were listening to was just as futile and the further the night went on the less anyone seemed to know who, where or what they were doing let alone listening to.

Glade gathers an eclectic mix of the usual random tents, Buddhist temples (which I believe would have been better had I been on a trip of some sort), crazy rides, oxygen booths, circus acts and healing centres. The atmosphere was somewhat dampened (ha ha) by the weather, but even so the night carried on.

UNKLE’s headlining set I found a bit too dark for my mood at the time and so moved on to the breaks tent where the atmosphere continued to be on top form. Friday ended late with many cups of chai and some more dancing in my wellies before it was time to do it all over again on Saturday.

Saturday’s top five moments include: the most amazing fire twirling; dancing on stage with Eat Static; the lovely hat guy; and the hot Frenchies. Trentemoller? I had never heard of them, but I definitely recommend anyone to have a listen.

Sunday was a wash-out with many line-ups cancelled and uncontrollable mudslides. After going in search of more fun it was becoming an effort. Even the stalls were running out of stock with much of it still stranded at the train station. No Squarepusher or Four Tet for me (very disappointed), but as the mud started to enter the wellies I knew enough was enough.

Glade was one great giant long rave with a crazy mix of people (less of the family types, more wreckheads) and brilliant tunes. Next year I hope it stays dry and they can turn up the music for deaf ears like mine!!!

PS. London BioPackaging rocks!

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