Ricky Gervais live at BMCC, New York City

By Dani Aronson (aka Ivana Gayman)

Nazis, AIDS, bestiality, incest – only Ricky Gervais could make you laugh at all these things. As part of David Bowie’s High Line Festival, Ricky Gervais did a few shows in NYC. The Brooklyn Manhattan Community College theatre was an interesting venue choice- but the smaller size when compared to MSG on the Saturday night made for a much more intimate and enjoyable experience. As soon as my friends and I arrived, we began cruising for some hot Englishmen to make our new gay boyfriends. Sadly, there were none in sight, but the mostly American Anglophile audience made Ivana Gayman feel right at home.

One of the best parts of Ricky’s set was when he began to read from an actual leaflet he obtained while at university – a guide for gay men about other options to anal sex (AS IF THERE IS ANY OTHER KIND FOR ANY OF US??). Ricky ran us through his favourite options – this gave Ivana some great ideas for her next trip to Bavaria. One tip was coming (cumming is so vulgar) on backs. This made us all chuckle. Although the best tip of all by far was coming out of a window. WHAT? Ivana would like to know if this is common among English men or is it just a Northern thing?

Throughout the show, Ivana laughed so hard it hurt. She was hoping Ricky would perform an old Seona Dancing number, but alas, his bum is no longer small enough to fit into those tight little pants. Ricky Gervais got a standing ovation, and he was obviously moved. At one point Ivana swears Mr Gervais gave her a wink – or it might have been the reflection of her glitter eyeshadow blinding him.

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