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Bloomsbury Ballroom
April 28th 2007

by Joanna Orland

NME Breaking Bands winner / Brighton power-trio My Device rocked out the Bloomsbury Ballroom this past Saturday evening. Closing the show which also featured such acts as We Are The Physics, who might as well be called We Are NOT Scientists.  My Device entertained the crowd that consisted of many 18 year-olds who were young and naive enough to be rushing the stage after the boys took their shirts off. Ew.

Their music was much better than their bodies. That’s for sure. High energy, tight riffs and that Johnny Borrell attitude, My Device is one to watch. Hard to believe it’s just the 3 of them making all that racket!

Simple effective rock music, I think the singer himself summed it up best: “It’s just ugly boy garage punk”.

Ok… really ugly…

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