Bestival Launch Party @ Bloomsbury Ballroom

by Rowena Carter

Unfortuntely, Joanna neglected to notice that this launch party for the fabulous Bestival at the fabulous Bloomsbury Ballroom was fancy dress. Of a pirate theme.

We looked a little out of place among this lot:

Just so’s you know, yes it is that much fun at Bestival the festival. The man at the top is called Greg. He’s going to be DJing on the Sunday night at Bestival. He has 130,000 records so I’m sure he’ll dig up some decent stuff out of all that lot. Look out for him: Greg’s Greats the show’s called.

This lady was also at the launch party:

Her name is Planning to Rock. Yes, she is somewhat deranged (she is from Bolton) but her music was very intriguing. Kind of like mental electro hip-hop. She’s on Chicks on Speed Records and has been touring with Peaches – you know the score. I’m quite excited about seeing her show at Bestival.

Other treats were helium balloons (ha ha) and a chap called Natty playing some nice reggae. All of which bodes rather well for Bestival in September, wouldn’t you agree?

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