Yay Dragonette!


Features, Music, Review | by — March 15, 2007


by Marko Domazet

This week we have been watching Dragonette! Last night they played a rockin’ showcase to a packed ICA. There were canapes aplenty and the free booze was aflowing… five sea breezes in one hour… I can remember the gig, really.

When we arrived a lady with absolutely no cellulite was doing pole-dancing. Her thighs were like clamps. And then Dragonette took to the stage. We weren’t sure how we felt about them about seeing Stefy shit all over them at Popjustice Live a couple of weeks ago, but they they were fucking wicked. They churned out 80s-sounding electro-pop stomper after 80s-sounding electro-pop stomper (this is all the rage at the moment isn’t it?) and I for one absolutely loved it. Lead singer Martina has lovely boobs and is like a way better Gwen Stefani or a more contemporary (go figure) Cyndi Lauper.

Loose Lips EXCLUSIVE!!!!! I asked Martina after the gig if she was wearing a bra, not believing that anyone’s boobs could be that perfect without support. She revealed, EXCLUSIVELY, that she wasn’t and offered me a feel. I declined. I didn’t want to be creepy.

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