Pull Tiger Tail

King’s College
March 5th, 2007

by Isla MC

Pull Tiger Tail (or Paul Tiger Tail, as Joanna thought they were called) are a band. A very good band. We saw them last night and they rocked the block. They’re a bit like a more fun Killers (first album) but with less synths and more hair. Or a better-looking Muse. Or a more edgy Feeling. Mostly they sound pretty good – guitars with a poppy edge and songs with a clear melody and pleasing vocals. We rather liked them.

How refreshing it was to watch a band who weren’t wearing some kind of ironic shirt/tie/skinny trousers combination and taking themselves really seriously. I never thought I would describe a band wearing JEANS and T-SHIRTS as refreshing. How times change.

And let’s not overlook the fact that they are HOT HOT HOT. I know we’ve talked on Loose Lips before about how wrong it is that musicians are feted because of their looks and not their music but, as Jo pointed out, we were talking about singers-songwriters and Pull Tiger Tail are a ROCK band. And rock bands, as we all know, are all about the sex. Which gives us full license to perv over them – hurrah!

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