PLAYGIRL Party @ Happy Ending, New York City


Events, Features, Review | by — March 23, 2007


by Dani Aronson (aka Ivana Gayman)

Miss Ivana Gayman was on the VIP list for this year’s Playgirl Party held at Happy Ending in Chinatown. Of course the Gayman could not be more excited – open bar, naked man side show, lube, vibrators, our fave DJ Ethan Goldberger banging out the classics, bowls of chocolate pudding (how naughty), and of course her fellow gaymen and lady friends were in full force. Did we mention the open bar? Gayman was very tipsy by the end of the night – and had work the next day – hair of the dog, right?

Happy Ending was the perfect venue for the party. As a former erotic massage parlor / swingers club- the smell of sex, sweat and debauchery loomed and brought back memories of Gayman’s racy childhood in Budapest. Happy Ending is fully equipped with shower rooms that were filled with lube, drunk hipsters, and a few very dirty old men. The showers glowed with red light that gave it a very eastern block sex shop vibe. FABULOUS. The slide show had some of Playgirl’s best work to date. Of all the ‘photographic’ genius splashed across the wall that night, Gayman very much liked the bald biker man in French maid drag, and the black man with the hugest child arm of a cock I have ever seen! Seriously- if you had sex with this man it would be like the film ‘Species’ and you would have a massive knob popping out of your back.

Ivana Gayman met some lovely people that night. A few drunken ladies of the night kept asking Gayman where all the straight men were – “dahling- straight men at a Playgirl party? – you must be wankered”. Gayman spotted a very tall skinny boy in a white hoodie that she wanted to feed goulash to and make her sex slave. He disappeared, maybe into the shower rooms with a friend, or into the bathrooms with a bowl of chocolate pudding and some coke… we will never know. At the end of the night some lovely goodie bags were handed out. Ivana Gayman has two new hot pink vibrators, lube, and condoms to add to her already fabulous sex boudoir. Also, a lovely Playgirl T-Shirt that will go great with her tranny heels from Shelly’s London, and maybe a mini skirt from Primark. As long as you sprinkle some glitter on top, you always look fabulous dahling.

If you are ever in NYC, check out Happy Ending on Broome Street. Try the Ginger Vodka Cocktail. You know Ivana Gayman recommends anything ginger – especially men. Ruff.

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