Be Presents…

Saturdays at PROUD Galleries

by Joanna Orland

As it’s the club night du jour, we thought we’d personally spend our Saturday night at BE presents at the Proud Galleries in Camden. Unfortunately for everyone around us, it was Gillian’s birthday, which meant that Tequila shots were involved!

Lots of beautiful people and a great space indeed. But for some reason it took a while to get into the vibe of BE. Let’s start with the negative so we can end on a high note.

THE QUEUE:  Huuuge queue! Massive. If you weren’t on the guestlist, you weren’t getting in. If you were on the guestlist, get in line! To be fair, it was Saturday and Camden. Not much chance to bypass queues in this part of town. And to pass the time, Hot Cross Burns managed to find stray glasses of wine! Yum!

mmm… stray wine

Anyway, we got in eventually and were at a bit of a loss. So many rooms to choose from. So many stuffed animal heads on the walls. Where do we start? The room with the DJ and the stage was quite empty when we got in. The band was setting up, the DJ was attempting to spin tunes. Nothing going on yet. Room 2. Bar. No music. How bizarre that you can only hear the music in one room. If you go to the other rooms to socialize, it’s sans music. Strange. Room 3. Awesome décor. Still no music. Then it all kicked off – we found the stuffed horse.

This somehow was the turning point of the evening. How is it that a stuffed horse can be such a conversation piece? What a great way to meet people by standing around a horse! Lots of club revelers gathered round to discuss horses, Daniel Radcliffe, what it would be like to have long black hair, and of course the meaning of life. Finally we got into the swing of things. The rest of the night involved dancing our butts of to some killer tunes, and meeting just about everyone in the club… Oh.. and we got a bit rowdy with some of the wall decoration… We found a ‘Mind Your Head’ sign and used it much as the horse in order to meet and photograph club-goers. So… we’ve put together a little Equus / Mind Your Head Where’s Wally (or Waldo where I’m from) photography special. Enjoy!


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