PopJustice: LIVE


Events, Features, Music | by — February 25, 2007


by Marko Domazet

Wednesday saw in the inaugural Popjustice Live night, a ‘regular’ addition to the weekly club night at Trash Palace. We arrived to the electro-stomping sounds of California’s Stefy. They brought the fucking house down they did. In fact, they shat on everyone else and made all the other bands seem weak in comparison. Still, if Stefy hadn’t been playing the other bands (Trademark, Dragonette) would’ve been awesome.

One-time Sugababe Siobhan Donaghy was ‘pon the decks she was, and made a pretty good fist of it too. The atmosphere was wicked and, unusually, the average age of everyone else in there made me feel normal as opposed to really fucking old. Hurrah!


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