Trashed Out


Events, Features, Music, Review | by — January 10, 2007

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by Joanna Orland
Photo courtesy of Rachel Garrard

Notorious London club night for beautiful people who need to be surrounded by beautiful people has had its last hurrah. The End played host to Trash for the last time Monday night, with DJ Erol Alkan playing the part of proud dad as per usual. Indie ‘celeb’ sightings included Luke the Kook, Alex Turner and the Arctic Monkeys crew, some guy with fringe who also appears in Bloc Party on a full-time basis, 2ManyDJs with 2many people in their entourage, Erol and the Alkans (DJ Erol Alkan and a handful of people dressed exactly like him in those big Buddy Holly / music journo glasses) and of course 50% of the Loose Lips crew, heavily disguised under thick fringe and cheekbones. To quote our man Kevin, “Where will all the haircuts go now?”

1997 – 2007

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