Together at Turnmills

The ‘Sort of’ First Birthday Party
Saturday January 27th, 2007

by Joanna Orland

When the invite says fancy dress, goody bags, face painting, Fischerspooner, Klaxons and The Horrors – what else can you expect but an absolute mash up of a good time! Lucky enough to have jumped the MASSIVE queue, we found ourselves roaming the rooms of the labyrinth known as Turnmills. Each room had something new and exciting but the labyrinth that it is, most things were ‘nice suprises’ rather than intentionally found. I don’t even know WHERE in the building these supposed party games, free haircuts and face paintings were being held! aMAZEing.

Did love the goody bags. Having such a high entrance fee and extortionist drink prices, it is nice to get a little something extra in return… Vouchers for vintage shop Rokit, hairdresser vouchers, party hats, whistles, party streamers, key rings, gotta love the shameless promotion that added that extra bit of kitsch fun to the night. Even though it was ‘fancy dress’, maybe about one third of the general public put on some feathers, makeup or cowboy hats. The ones that did go out, went ALL out. Everyone else managed to take advantage of the free party hats.

The mix of Live bands and DJ sets was pulled off as genius, finding that perfect balance between the two. The tunes spinning were fun, different from room to room, 100% danceable and versatile enough to suit all tastes. From New Rave in one room to the John Kennedy indie remixes in the next and a bit of 90’s flava to spice it up. With superstar DJ sets from the likes of Fischerspooner, Klaxons, and The Futureheads, you really do get your money’s worth.

Live set by THE HORRORbleS was atrocious and had to be abandoned by moi, but Brakes made my night so not even black haired androgynous indie freaks could bring me down. Who knew that Brakes was actually good!!?? I HATED them when they first came out… Don’t know why cuz they Absolutely ROCK! Maybe it’s a live vs album thing but I would seek them out at a venue near you if I were you. And in my world where every indie band has a guitarist who looks like Jack Black, Brakes do not fall short. Even had the ole Nacho Libre tache to boot. Great energy, great tunes (except the really ridiculous short ones that last about 6 seconds) and great fun.

We didn’t manage to last until the afterparty being the old fogies that we are. But word of mouth (ie friends who return home at 3 in the AFTERNOON the next day) says it was kick ass.

All in all, a good night out. The down side of having to save up all month to attend the pricey party is worth it with the all-star line up of DJs and musicians all under one roof. Finding your way from room to room is an adventure in itself. Also noticed the signs up promoting the NEXT Together… featuring live and/or DJ sets by Hot Chip, The Gossip, New Young Pony Club, Klaxons (again) and the album launch for the already legendary MSTRKRFT! Bring it!

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