A Guilty Christmas


Events, Features, Music, Review | by — December 12, 2006


at Everything Must Go (formerly Pop)

by Isla MC

The fabulous Guilty Pleasures team have been taking over this super bar every Thursday night in the run up to Crimbo this year. I don’t really get what’s happening but Pop is no longer and has become Everything Must Go for a while, or forever — I don’t understand, I’m so confused!

Anyway, this is irrelevant. We had a lotta fun dancing to the usual Guilties fare — Hanson (yes!), Bon Jovi (yesyes!), ELO (yesyesyes!) etc. That is, of course, once we got in. The queue was MAMMOTH, even the guest list queue! A testament to the enduring popularity of Guilty Pleasures!

Here’s JoHo in the queue

See, we kept up the festive spirit alright! Incidentally, here is a photo of Joanna later in the night, wearing a dress that she didn’t realise was a leftover from the Star Trek costume department when she bought it:

I promise you she’s not dressed up. Uncanny, isn’t it! And here’s a photo of another punter feeling a leeeeetle merry:

Hurrah for Crimbo! Anyway, Guilty Pleasures is great, you all know it’s great so get down there! And the drinks are very reasonably priced!

As an added temptation, you might catch sight of me dressed up as Medusa:

Or bump into the random young lady who made her way into the shot! Here’s to her! Merry Christmas everyone!

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