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Features, Music, Review | by — November 15, 2006


at Ronnie Scott’s

by Isla MC

Anna Krantz is a London based singer-songwriter who has been supporting the very lovely Will Young of late. We skipped down to the newly refurbished Ronnie Scott’s (nice job guys!) the other night to check her out. I foolishly forgot my camera so above is a nice promo shot instead.

Anna is not your typical folk/anti-folk (er, what the fuck is the difference??) singer-songwriter knocking about right now. Her songs are smoother, on more of a light jazz tip. The legendary Wogan is loving her at the moment. Some have compared her to Jamie Cullum, but I wouldn’t. He’s annoying. Does anyone else think he bears more than a passing resemblance to Quasimodo?

Anna does songs for girls. They’re bittersweet and lovestruck — great rom-com soundtrack fare and that’s a definite good thing. Ah, the exquisite pain of unrequited love! I imagined them playing across scenes from Dawson’s Creek or Pretty Woman — again a good thing. There’s a definite place for this kind of songwriting and us girls love it (even the ones who pretend not to – Joanna).

Oh, and hello to our lovely new friend Jacqui who was a pleasure to meet – she works for Robert Winston everybody!

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