May Da Force Be Widjah

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DJ Yoda
Album Launch

by Miscellaneous

Well, I was quite excited at the thought of seeing one of the top UK turntablists in action, aka DJ Yoda. However, on this occasion the event itself was a bit of a let-down. Being an industry album launch, there was a severe shortage of hip-hop heads bobbing up and down.

A million knobs to twiddle, cross-faders to twitch, and a lap-top-powered VJ set-up to man (and prayers that it doesn’t crash!) is a lot to ask of one guy, doing a live version of his debut, in front of a dragon’s den style audience (or at least, judging by yoda’s nervous face, that’s how he saw it!).  However, most people were laughing and talking amongst themselves after a few complimentary glasses of grape juice, which seemed to suit Yoda much better, thank you.

The music itself? Of immaculate taste of course. If you like Mr Scruff, Kid Koala and the like, you’ll like this. The beats were of the laid-back hip-hop style and reminiscent of old native tongues jams by the likes of A Tribe Called Quest and the Jungle Brothers who, coincidentally, made a nostalgic appearance in the VJ set with the original video from their own debut, Straight Outta the Jungle – nice. I remember John Peel wearing that vinyl pretty thin back then, when rap music had only just peeped into the UK charts once or twice by the likes of Run DMC with Aerosmith.

So, lots of “digging back in the crates” as they say, and numerous humourous samples and quotes. Not as funny as his “How to Cut and Paste – the 80’s edition” but solid and fresh-beat-packed nonetheless.  Anyway Yoda! If you’re listening – better crowd, better stage show and better venue next time! Although I’m sure that will probably be the case anyway. My guess is he’s saving the best for his fans.

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  1. Janella says:

    Dj Yoda Vs Daforce Dawg
    retreat back like you got touch wit heat, visual realize like ill street
    elude while i intrude on your crew your outline you kno that bo, master of cermony, you know me
    rapping on tha mic while im sippin on a fourty, watch the hour glass as i flash pass u fast like a fifty meter
    dash. Some head bopping some mic chopping some mc’s droppin, some show shocking, hip hopping
    while daforce be knocking at the door, a li’l freestyle session for ya’ll baby ain’t no joke up in this,
    nothing but money going on grab your 4, nothing but money going on

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