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The Luminaire
October 11, 2006

by Isla MC

Last night we stumbled upon a new and exciting theory. You know these newfangled ‘DJs’? The ones who get themselves all set up on stage with their laptops, dancing around pushing buttons, creating sound and whatnot? Well, it’s all bollocks. They’re not really doing anything. They pressed play an hour ago, they’ve been looking at porn this whole time.

None of this has anything to do with the band Husky Rescue, the official reason we visited the wonderful Luminaire in Kilburn. But the warm-up acts were all laptop fiddlers, and it got me thinking (how much did I sound like Carrie Bradshaw there!). Why do these geeky boys (who all look like dustmen or history professors) bother?

exhibit A: Dustmen

The first act was making all sorts of bleepy, spacey noises that I was quite enjoying until he started saying that his computer had crashed. I thought it was a joke. I thought it was part of his act. That would have been pretty funny but no, apparently his computer HAD indeed crashed. So why bother? If a computer can make quite danceable trip-hop electronica noises when it’s CRASHED, then it really doesn’t need you mate! Buy a drum or something for chrissakes!

the beautiful Husky Rescue

Anyway, on to Husky Rescue, who were really rather good. A cross between Air and the Cardigans, they hail from Helsinki and are very good-looking in that cool Scandinavian way. Rarely have I seen the Luminaire so busy so they clearly have a devoted following already. The female lead-singer had a lovely voice, like dry ice, kind of like a sexy but aloof chanteuse. But I only liked her when she was singing, not when she was doing that languorous half-talking/not-really-bothering-to-sing thing. That was annoying. The music was great though, especially in the long outro bits without vocals (it sounds like I didn’t like her but I did, really!). Kind of lo-fi guitar-electronica. Yeah, they were cool man. Check ‘em out whydontcha.

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