Guilty Pleasures House of Horrors

Koko, Camden

by Isla MC

Halloween is upon us and the gang from Loose Lips were lucky enough to attend the infamous Sean Rowley’s monthly Guilty Pleasures extravaganza at Koko. This month Mr Rowley was offering a fully bespooked House of Horrors for all us fiends out there.

As you can imagine, we were very excited and pulled out all the stops for our costumes this year. Here we are:

GAH!! We began salivating at the mouths thinking of all the horrorlicious costumes that lay in wait for us. But when we battled our way into Koko (past the likes of that bird who plays Ruby in Eastenders) no one was dressed up! Boo! Poor effort Guilty Pleasures people! Did the fact that it was a HOUSE OF HORRORS night escape you??

We were disappointed, but on the plus side it meant loads of people wanting talk to us and take our pictures. We loves the attention! We made some more friends who were fun to do outrageous dancing with (and were practically the only other people dressed up):

Man, they were sexy. As the night wore on and things got freakier we pinned Teen Wolf down and tore his fingers off, using them for disgusting (and revoltingly phallic) facial accessories:

Ew. Doesn’t my blood now look exactly like dried on ketchup? Not very scary at all. Next in store for us were THE BUMS!!!!

I have never seen such a fine array of cheeky merchandise in one location. At this point we were fairly plastered and all our make-up had sweated off. Our tummies started rumbling saying ‘feed me chips please’. But… what was that…. is that the sounds of ‘Thriller’ I hear?? WHY YES!!!

Even better, instead of Michael Jackson we had some lovely chaps with slick moves and mini beer bellies to mime instead. And with that our night was over. What a wonderful night it was. Guilty Pleasures rocked the block as expected, with super tunes and a lovely friendly crowd. But next time, people, we expect more of an effort with the dress! What’s the point of Halloween if you ain’t gettin’ into the spirit of the thing!

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