JoHo’s Latest TIFF Goss: Who Stole Will Ferrell’s Bed????

The latest, and quite possibly oddest, festival gossip this week is that somebody stole Will Ferrell’s bed. The actor was doing interviews in his hotel room and when he went back in to the main room, his bed was gone. Being the good comedian that he is, William just laughed off the incident, but i’m sure he was deeply disturbed on the inside…

If anybody has information of the location of Will Ferrell’s bed, please call your local crimestoppers, or write to us here at

In other celebrity news, we’ve seen the likes of Zack Braff, Demi and Ashton, Brad Pitt appearing at the fundraiser hosted by Matt Damon, the entire cast of For Your Consideration including Christopher Guest, Eugene Levy and Parker Posey, Vince Vaughn, Christina Ricci, Mena Suvari, and millions more. Noticeably absent was The Last Kiss’s Rachel Bilson who was expected to walk the red carpet with costar Zack Braff. Guess now that Mischa has left the OC, Rachel has to play the part of Diva!

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