JoHo live from the Toronto International Film Festival

EVERYTHING is fucking SOLD OUT!!! Bastards. I really want to see Shortbus (the new JOHN CAMERON MITCHELL [aka HEDWIG] film). AND even more enticing was the CONVERSATION between John Waters and JCM!!! I’m in fag hag heaven, but the gates ain’t openin’ for this hag.

Anyways, the best thing ever happened on opening night. The midnight madness movie on opening day was none other than Borat’s new film. He arrived in style with a horse in a carriage. No, you read that right. Really. He arrived, sitting next to a horse, sitting in a wagon, being pulled by women ‘from’ Kazahkstan!!! OMG!!!

And then apparently during the screening, the projector busted. So how did they fill in the time slot? Michael Moore who was in the audience watching the film, took it upon himself to do an impromptu Q&A to entertain the crowd. Wow.

Rumour has it that Brad Pitt’s in town for TIFF. I must get my stalking gear ready.

Stay tuned for more.

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