Hot in the TDot

So more TIFF stuff going on around the city… J. Ho, Sharon Stone, Christian Slater, Viggo / Aragorn, and the list is probably shorter if I mention who DIDN’T show up…

Anyways, so the gossip is that Kevin Costner accidnentally attended someone’s wedding at the Four Season’s Hotel. The actor was riding the elevator and got off at the wrong floor, walking into someone’s wedding. The happy bride & groom forced him into posing for cheesy photos with them.

Sean Penn is in trouble. He was caught smoking at the Sutton Place Hotel (ooh ooh naughty, don’t you know you’re not allowed to smoke ANYWHERE indoors in Toronto???). The Sutton will be fined $600 and a stern letter is being sent to Mr. Penn.

Nouvelle Vague performed at the Mod Club last night. They were EXCELLENT!!! Tres Sexie!!! They were spotted after (by us of course) dining and drinking next door at Il Gato Nero, with a total chic look!!! From funky to chic, who new!!! Seriously though.. they were EXCELLENT!

K, tomorrow’s the last day of the festival and my last day in Toronto. I probably won’t have anymore goss cuz i’m leaving at a stupid hour tomorrow, but I’ll see what i can do..

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