Only nice people go to Pin Up

Pin Up, Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes
July 14th, 2006

by Isla MC

So last night was the debut of Pin Up, the dancing-bowling-karaoke-music-DJs-cocktails-food-cinema-bands-retro-party extravaganza! Seriously, it’s got everything you need! We were moist (I mean most) impressed. Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes is perfection. From the fantastic sixties carpet, to the formica/bakelite/whatever and chrome bowling lanes, to the DJ booth with flashy numbers to the wonderful choice of furniture, it is the real thing. The real thing that has been shipped over from Canada and various other locations. But that doesn’t matter – the décor looked like it had always been there.

The vibe was amazing – the nicest people in the world were there! I think this had something to do with the fact that it looked and felt like someone’s front room, so everyone felt very relaxed and at home. I went round pointing my camera in everyone’s face and no-one minded in the slightest. We had lots of fun exploring all the different areas and things to do and see, and had a super boogie along to the sounds of a DJ set by (ex-Beta Band) The Aliens – we certainly didn’t get bored!

Pin-Up is an unusual venture. We chatted to organiser Phil about his motivation for putting on the night. He is a bowling-lover, but mostly wanted to put on something a bit different, with an open, creative and collaborative spirit. In time he wants people to feel free to use the walls, the cinema, the stage as a creative work-space, and for Pin Up to become much more than another London club night. Well Phil, we salute you. You’ve already achieved that goal!

On the way home, some little street oik chucked a pint of beer in my face and ran off – all I can say is that it never would’ve happened at Pin Up! Only nice people go to Pin Up. The next night is currently unannounced but check the sites for details.

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