NYLON: 35 Denier – The Semi Opaque Interview

By Dr. Pop!

Hello. Dr.Pop! here, with an interview…

NYLON are lovely. Some of the Loose Lips crew went to see their showcase and following the trend of chandeliers at showcases – they didn’t disappoint. Now, Dr.Pop! was supposed to interview them backstage at Wembley, but because Girls Aloud were onstage filming their tour DVD without the audience to interfere with all that annoying shouting and applauding they do, we were shown to a strange little room, in the depths of the arena complete with a chair and a bathroom. We covered everything from stockings to “Royal Coca-Cola” and a couple of things in between. What you are about to read is the madness that ensued. If you dare read further and get beneath the skin of these fab four girls from Iceland, then welcome to:


DrPop!: Nylon is very famous for being used in ropes, clothes and most famously stockings. So what is your favourite type of stocking?

A combination of puzzled and slightly horrified faces follow

Klara: Emmmm, do you mean pantyhose, what kind?

DrPop!: It could be Christmas stockings or fishnet stockings…

All: Ahhh, phew!!!

Alma: I like little blue ones black ones.

K: I love leggings.

Emilia: I love wearing, like, cute leggings.

Moving swiftly on…

DP: Now, you girls are from Iceland. Bjork is also from Iceland, although her songs are quite shouty, whereas yours clearly aren’t. Where do you get your influences from?

Camilla: It’s kinda from different directions, from our environments we really love this single we’re doing at the moment, but we all like really different types of music.

A: Yes we do. When we’re in the studio we sit and and we don’t leave until we’re fully satisfied – we love our harmonies. We’re kinda like what about this or what about that.

K: We wouldn’t want anyone to hear something we’re not fully proud of, we need to be proud of what we do.

DrPop!:  Your press release, have you seeeen your press release?

All: Yes.

DP: It says that Iceland is a beautiful place with beautiful people. Does that mean you don’t think much of the talent here then?

All: Laugh

E: No, no, I think that beautiful people are part of our country. We have a beautiful country, but we think the guys over here are cute.

K: And there’s some beautiful girls here too – look upstairs on the stage – Girls Aloud are beautiful and sweet too.

DrPop!: Who’s been best to tour with then? Girls Aloud or Westlife?

K: For us or them?

DP: Can you not say?

E: They’re very different – Westlife has every age group and Girls Aloud is lots of girls.

A: For us it’s really similar – we’ve been going to the same places, so its the same catering. We’ve been getting to know the people in each place.

C: We are loving Girls Aloud’s crowds though.

DrPop!:  You famously held Robbie off the top spot, twice in Iceland – was he a bit annoyed?

All: laugh

E: We haven’t met him so we don’t know.

K: We love his music though.

C: Yeah, and he was the first ever concert I saw. I don’t think he would be though!

DrPop!: You guys are huge in Iceland. Why has it taken you so long to get over here and release some material then?

E: We’re Icelandic so we wanted to get big over there, and we’ve had two albums in Icelandic before doing this.

C: We decided to do something new. Something an Icelandic girl band had never done – we’re the only one and we wanted to get it right.

A: These things take time though.

All start discussing about why and are slightly inaudible at this stage

K: I don’t know. We love this so much, we enjoy this so much and we love it.

DrPop!: Do you all have catfights?

E: No – we don’t. It’s all so boring. We do argue but about boring things.

K: In the end of the day we are best friends and you always have a little argument. And you know we’re a band but we have a really good relationship.

C: I think we are lucky. You hear so much about bands not getting along but we do, there is so much pressure on them. Yeah, but we’re all so different and that’s what, I guess what keeps us together.

DrPop!: So who decides about what parts of the songs you sing?

K: It’s very hard, it’s not like you should, you should, you should, it’s just that now we know each others sound.

C: We all know what suits us best, so we might be in the studio and say, hey, why don’t you sing this?

DrPop!: What is your sound then?

E: it’s all very mixed, rock pop blended.

A: It’s yeah, all very blended, popish rockish, its good!

DrPop!:  So its a matter of just trying things?

A: Yeah.

DrPop!: Actually, speaking of trying things, on your favourite things Camilla, you say you like “Royal Coca Cola”?

C: I call it royal coca cola because it’s so beautiful. I am a huge coca cola fan, its nothing special, just coca cola. Because its so nice and it’s royal! I’m a big fan.

E: She is, it’s a problem!

All: Laugh

DrPop!: Do you tend to find on the road you just eat loads of crap?

(C: Looks quite surprised)

A: Ooooh!!

This one’s going down like a lead balloon..

C: Well, we have tried to look out for what we eat, it is what we are.

K: Our energy.

C: yeah, and we’ve been on 3 tours since feb its been really really hectic, we need to watch out what we eat. If we were always eating chips and hamburgers we would feel bad.

E: We always need something to snack on, like apples or something or whatever. I think all of us have gotten sick of Ceaser Salad!

A: Its always ceaser salad.

C: It’s always simple, and we know it tastes good!

E: Yeah!

DrPop!:  And finally, one last question. If you could get any person – dead, celebrity or even goldfish – to buy your new single, who would it be?

E: Goldfish!???

A: Oooh, Nemo!

K: Can I please say – Queen Elizabeth – buy our single its very good/

A: I think Elton John.

C: Looks at Emilia OK, you go first..

E: In the end I think everyone of us would choose a different person. I would say, erm.. Klara?

A while later…

K: Robbie Williams.

All: Yeah, definitely Robbie Williams.

A: The Beatles.

E: Freddie Mercury.

It transpires they are all huge Queen fans, hence the fab cover of Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) later on that evening…*

C: Everyone else!

DrPop!: Good luck with it all!

NYLON: Thank you so much!!

*Yes, thats right – it is originally by the Eurythmics!

Awww, they’re lovely! And they stormed Wembley Arena that night – even Dr.Pop!‘s companion at the show believed they were singing live, which they quite clearly were as we know that the Icelandic song they translated into English especially for us was sung fabulously! Check out their album which is due for release later this year, it promises to be a corker!

NYLON’s new single “Losing A Friend” is out NOW.

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