No way José

José Gonzalez
Somerset House Summer Series

by Joanna Orland

Somerset House is a glorious 18th century building, home to a central courtyard where the Somerset House Summer Series is held, this year featuring many well established musicians including José Gonzalez on July 7th.

This didn’t really seem like a Friday night event, but more like a laid back Sunday afternoon concert with Pimms and a picnic. The Pimms was readily available and the blankets were laid out. But then again, who doesn’t wish that every day could be a Sunday!

José was pretty laid back. He didn’t say anything at all except towards the last few songs where he started counting down to his finale (“I’m going to play 3 more songs”, “I’m going to play 2 more songs”, etc). I have to say, I was a bit bored throughout his set – he doesn’t vary his songs much. The true musical highlight came late, when he played a beautiful cover of Massive Attack’s Teardrop on his classical guitar. Sweet!

While I’m not much of a José fan I did appreciate the concert, mostly the venue. It would have been an absolutely stellar night had it been someone a bit more my style (ie Elbow who are playing on July 13!). Definitely worth checking out for those who are intrigued!

The Somerset House Summer Series continues with Damian Jr. Gong Marley, Erykah Badu, Elbow, The Lemonheads and more.

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