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Damian Jr Gong Marley
Somerset House Summer Series

by Miscellaneous

Last night we saw Damian Jr Gong Marley play at Somerset House and jolly good it was too. I enjoyed it immensely. The tunes were fun and bouncy and everyone was jigging away just as they should. There were lots of Jamaican flags being waved about, but most impressively by FLAG MAN!! This guy was up on stage dancing and waving his flag most energetically for the full hour and a half! I felt it was a severe oversight when Marley did not propose a special vote of thanks to Flag Man at the end of the set. We salute you Flag Man!

Other notable incidents include:

1. Mr Marley’s hardcore dreads that came down to his KNEES! Wow. Do you reckon they get in the way when he’s having sex? Seriously, they nearly had someone’s eye out when he started doing a sort of can-can dance. A Jamai-can-can if you will. Ha ha.

2. The Fibre Song. This was a most interesting little ditty about the perils of eating unwisely. Marley recommended that we all eat lots of fruit of fibre, and avoid pesticides and insecticides, lest our intestines become a disturbed.

3. Ha ha! Vanessa Feltz was there! She walked past and the guy behind us yelled ‘Vanessa!’ and ducked. She looked most displeased. Ha ha.

Other than that, Marley played some Bob songs – the best was Exodus I reckon. His lady singers went nuts on that one. It was wicked. It must be so odd though, when your dad is as legendary as Bob Marley. Do you do covers and get accused of living off dad’s success, or do you ignore the family oeuvre and risk being labelled obtuse or difficult? I suppose there’s no right or wrong answer, but I thought Damian Marley handled the whole thing exceptionally well, staying true to the spirit of the original songs but injecting enough of his own character to make them his own.

All in all, a highly enjoyable evening!

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