The History Boys

Play by Alan Bennett
The Broadhurst Theatre, New York City

by Dani Aronson

Can I just say thank you to Alan Bennett for providing us with such a well written masterpiece filled with such hot cream-your-knickers-worthy young actors. Yum. The History Boys is about eight boys in a Northern English grammar school. Actual studying or learning of any sort rarely occurs as there is far too much sexual tension between all the boys (and even some of the Professors). Richard Griffiths (the one with the pig face) plays Hector, the beloved eccentric Professor and secret fiddler of the boys. Hector is a portly man who resembles a gimp in his leather motorbike ensemble. Hector gives the boys turns riding with him on his bike (and of course a wank) – something that is soon discovered by the headmaster. The boys are not at all opposed to getting hand jobs from their tubby Prof, after all it’s just a wank and these typical English lads are all straight… well, not all of them as we soon discover.

Samuel Barnett – who resembles Danny from Who’s The Boss – is the young gay and Jewish student who wants nothing more than to get some hot English cock in his cute little mouth. I can’t blame him with that class full of fitties! Dominic Cooper is brilliant as the bisexual man-whore we all hate and love at the same time. He is shagging the headmaster’s secretary, is lusted after by Sam Barnett, and secretly fancied by the Professors. Fit bastard! Stephen Campbell Moore (yummy) who plays the new young professor soon becomes a conquest of Dominic Cooper’s. The Prof and his pupil are so close to fucking you can almost smell the pre-cum… sadly we never even see them kiss as tragedy foils their plans to shag. Although he did not have all that much to do, I really enjoyed watching (and imagining naked) Andrew Knott. I also enjoyed the chavalicious goodness that is Russell Tovey. Jamie Parker was also delightful. His sexy Northern accent brought me to orgasm many times throughout the night, plus he was wearing glasses – phwoar! A man with glasses and a Northern accent… sold! I was excited to see James Cordon (TV: Little Britain, Teachers, Film: All or Nothing). We had a chat and shared a fag after the show – he gave my friend and I big bear hugs.

The young and sexy cast made this theatre experience extra enjoyable. In all of Ivana Gayman’s years at the theatre she had never creamed so many panties. There is a reason this play won six Tony awards. You have: amazing dialogue, hand jobs, Richard Griffiths in leather, boys in school uniforms, piano players, Duran Duran’s ‘Hungry Like The Wolf’, Stephen Campbell Moore in a wheelchair, Stephen Campbell Moore on the verge of sucking a cock, James Cordon giving hugs, Dominic Cooper in his tightey whiteys, Sam Barnett looking longingly at Dominic Cooper, Andrew Knott looking stoned and sexy, Jamie Parker playing the piano with glasses and Northern accent AT THE SAME TIME, that chav guy looking too chav for his own good, Frances de la Tour (Hagrid’s bitch), and did I mention BOYS IN SCHOOL UNIFORMS. Ivana Gayman loves boys in school uniforms. On one particular trip to Norwich to see a taping of the ‘Trisha’ show Ivana had too much wine at lunch and proceeded to ask all the local school boys if ‘they were of legal age’… sadly Ivana did not get to take advantage of any school boys that day. Then again not of them were as fit as these History Boys!

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