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By Dr Pop!

Queens and fairies and muscle Marys

Yes, the Pet Shop Boys are back and back better than ever! Their new album ‘Fundamental’ is absolutely superb, and who else can sing a song called The Sodom and Gomorrah Show, with SYNTHS and get away with it? With SYNTHS!!!! Production courtesy of the fab Trevor Horn means it sounds like something ABBA would have done had they made it to 1983. And do you know what the best thing about the bonus disc is? Lets see: fab homo anthem + fab icons of our time + fabtabulous remix = PET SHOP BOYS and ELTON JOHN ‘In Private’, a cover of the iconic Dusty anthem from the late 80’s! This is the remix everyone has been waiting for and who knew Elton and the PSBs would sound so fantastic together? After three… FAB!

Note to self: stop using the word fab, just because you’re gay doesn’t mean that everyo… Yeah, everyone’s gay… Continue…

The girls got style, legs for miles

Girls Aloud, The Chemistry Tour = oh my giddy aunt! The merchandise! The CUP!! The real fabric bag!! The tour programme!! The keyring that says ‘You can’t mistake my Biology!!

The highlights: mad professors, skimpy clothes, covers of Flashdance and Footloose, Kimberley’s hair, hotpants, a REPRISE of Biology – never has this been seen since the 1980-somethingorother T’Pau album ‘Bridge of Spies’ where they did it to China In Your Hand, but, I digress…

A full review will follow once we’ve seen the Wembley date – too many vodkas at the Newcastle concert in the front row means that a second investigation is needed since they were behind for some of the time and moving ones neck too far would have resulted in some sort of alcohol-induced whiplash.

All the sounds that you hear, and the air that you’re breathing is me

The doctor prescribes the following fab poptastic sounds for your listening pleasure:

Pet Shop Boys and Elton John – In Private (Stuart Crichton Club Mix)
Pet Shop Boys – Fundamental (All of it)
Pet Shop Boys – Being Boring (Such depth and such a sad song)
Pink – Cuz I Can
Mania – Looking For a Place
Electrotheque – Every 1s A Winner (Spacedust Mix)
Ace of Base – Pole Position (Demo)


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