The Oscars and the Road to Success


Features, Film | by — March 30, 2006

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by Marko Domazet

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am what you might consider a traditionalist. Always the same type of cigarettes, same sort of mistakes, same expression on my face every time I see someone from Essex…

Ever since the late 80’s Oscars have been a BIG deal to me. The awards, the drama, the gowns. It was the one night of the year us mere mortals could stare ourselves blind with adoration and dare to dream that there was something called magic. 2006 has been a rather interesting one from a filmic point of view. We’ve been exposed to gay cowboy love, transsexuals and fighting reporters, but all have one thing in common – a search for qualities that make this world a better place. Watching the 78th Annual 2006 Academy Awards and all those beautiful and not so beautiful (how you doin’ Charlize?) people talking about the state of the world and how filmmakers owe it to everyone to push boundaries and make people empathise more, I got to thinking about the honesty of cinema.

Films are all about creating an illusion; pretending, and creating stories that make money. Personally, I’ve never had a problem with that. People in Hollywood are just like the rest of us, right? They need to eat, pay for their clothes and send the kids to school (read: rehab). The thing that pisses me off is when people start pretending to be doing it for the art. We’ve all seen those teary-eyed artiste actors talking about how making the film broadened their horizons, made them love life and everyone working on the film.

I myself am trying to become a part of this industry and have come across a number of people believing their craft will change the world. Fine, and perhaps they will prove me wrong, but I have always considered filmmaking and art in general to be something you create and don’t talk about creating. The countless hours spent by yours truly in dark rooms at film school listening to people go on and on about their inspiration and how their 16mm short would change the world made me cringe. Don’t get me wrong, dreaming is a beautiful thing, but there is a big difference between dreaming and pretentiousness. Also, dreaming is a one man show that doesn’t require an audience, but that’s a different piece all together.

There is no doubt that filmmaking is hard work. You work insane hours, drag boxes from one place to another and work your fingers to the bone. Is it worth the stress if it is going to result in you walking up that red carpet and accepting an Oscar? Is an Oscar the embodiment of success?

Looking at the 2006 show, I must say that most of the people there seemed to have a good approach to it; the great Dolly Parton perhaps having the best one. Sure, she might come across as a stupid blonde, but really we all know that she’s neither stupid nor a blonde. The lady knows it’s about the trash, the fun and the fans and for people like her, an Oscars is an accomplishment rather than a competition.

Is there a conclusion to all of this? Yes there is, so here comes the cheese fest! The way I see it, most people will never achieve Hollywood status or an Oscar, but I’d like to believe there is one hell of a learning experience out there for us ordinary folk if you team up with the right people. Just like those gay cowboys did. Only by learning do we become better individuals. And if we achieve that we are all worthy of an Oscar in our own special way.


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