Mayor McCA’s Packing Tips


Features, Music | by — March 17, 2006

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by Mayor McCA

A while back, the one man band known as Mayor McCa decided to say “screw it” to things like having an apartment or permanent mailing address in order to become a touring machine. Here’s his list of travelling essentials:

Floss And Dental Products
You’ve got to take care of those chompers. There’s nothing worse than talking to someone up close and them having bad breath. Plus, you never know who you’ll be kissing.

Deodorant And Cologne
When you rock, you smell. There’s no way around it. Maintenance is key. Take a shower whenever you can. Then put on some deodorant and cologne. Us musicians don’t need any help seeming homeless.

Your Instruments
How else are you gonna play? Duh. A couple of harmonicas in your front seat are good too. You only need your mouth and one hand to play it, so you can still drive. If you have a cup holder you’re laughing.

With all that time alone you need something to do. And once you’ve paid for the book, it doesn’t cost anything to read it.

Peanut Butter And Bread
You don’t need a refrigerator for either of those. It’s a very convenient snack. Cheap too.

Paper And Pens
Once the sun goes down and the lights are low you can’t read anymore. Draw
something or write a letter. I’ve also found that if you’re doing something like drawing, people want to know what you’re doing and before you know it you have a new friend.

Lots Of Socks And Underwear
You may not be able to change all of your clothes everyday, but it’s amazing how fresh you feel after you’ve changed these items.

A Phone Card
Get it before you hit the road and become poor. That way it’s already paid for. You never know when you’ll want to hear a familiar voice.

As Much Water As You Can
Water is very important to drink. It’s easy to get into the habit of drinking soda, especially when it’s less expensive than water in the truck stops. Go to a grocery store and get a case – it’s way cheaper. You are 80 per cent water. You must drink it.

Your Favourite CDs
If you feel lonely, you can always visit your friends.

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