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Interviews, Music | by — September 15, 2005

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“Like The Kings of Leon trapped in a bucket bong”

by Joanna Orland

Not the most flattering or obvious description, but it sort of makes sense when you see The Deadbeats perform their brand of country indie rock to a dazed, confused yet attentive crowd at Bestival.

I first met The Deadbeats at the pub. I was looking for an empty seat for me and my boyfriend and I saw them get up to leave. Naturally, I stole their seats only to have them come back and surround me, leaving little room for anyone else to sit down at our table. As cozy as it was, we began to chat and they told me their life stories in a musical sense and somehow convinced us harsh critics to check out their set in the 24 hour café tent at Bestival.

As winners of the Unsigned band competition at this year’s Glastonbury, and through word of their own mouths, this band had a lot of hype to live up to. Despite their shamelessly charming self-promotion, they came through with shining colours. A good ole down n dirty, charismatic set with great tunes and energy to fit.

Influenced by all the classics – Dylan, Beatles, Doors, Beach Boys, The Deadbeats bring back the old-fashioned rock n roll to the stage. With a bit of a twang. Must be the reverberation off the bucket bong.

Enough praise. Now what are these guys actually like? Well the bassist walked with a cane claiming he hurt his ankle, but everyone thinks he just thinks he looks cool with a cane (which he sorta does). That actually somehow sums it up.

So with their image and live set nailed, what about a recording for their loyal fans to take home? The guys know how important a first album is and want to take their time to do it right.

“We’re gonna record it ourselves. We haven’t found the right producer yet. Nothing sounds the way we want it. We’re gonna keep trying.”

One word to sum em all up?

“Fun. Funbeats. Drunk.”

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