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Interviews, Music | by — July 1, 2005

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by Jimm Jamm & Marko Domazet

Speaking to Matthew, guitarist of The Rakes, a lot of the mysteries of the band had unfolded before our very eyes. Well, ok, that’’s extremely dramatic, but having not been the one to personally interview Matthew, I’m grasping at straws here!

What I get from listening back on the interview, is that Matthew is a genuinely happy guy who loves what he does. His personal influences come from Motown, therefore the guitar sound has that Motown vibe to it. Since each band member has an eclectic mix of influences from Bowie to LCD Soundsystem, The Rakes won’’t be sounding like your typical Indie band.

It’’s not just their music that is important to them, but they also take pride in their live performances. It’’s about the energy the band members bounce off each other. That’’s what makes their live gigs so entertaining to watch.

Next up for the band is the release of their album, followed by a tour across Europe and the UK. This album for them takes what was a live band and pushes it further into a studio band.

Having been challenged by Loose Lips to see how far The Rakes would go for rock n roll success, we got Matthew to admit that he wouldn’’t be above forcing The Rakes to co-star in a Rom Com film with The Cheeky Girls. “”We could probably all manage the acting part quite well I think””, he says deadpan.

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