The Cherubs


Interviews, Music | by — July 1, 2005

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by Jimm Jamm & Marko Domazet

Loose Lips had a five minute conversation with the Cherubs at the O2 Music Wireless Festival. No, not actual cherubs, but the band The Cherubs who hail from Norway or the UK depending on who you ask.

Since Isla and Joanna were actually in Scandinavia at the time (appropriately enough), Loose Lips sent Dr. Queen Meshugana Man Marko to represent. From the sounds of it, he managed to completely frighten and alienate the Cherubs who gave a polite, but brief account of their history as a band.

Two of the members met through their girlfriends, while meeting the third at a gig at the 100 club in London. The lucky bastards played their first gig ever with The Libertines, and ended up taking their show on the road touring with the band. After getting the live gig thing out of their systems, they settled down in the studio to record their first album, which was then shopped around to record labels. And quickly bought up I might add.

With a success story like that, what more is in store for the band? They just want to make good music really. They’’ve developed their style of writing from basing it on live performances to trying out new things in the studio. This is a band on the up and up. Now if only I could stop picturing naked babies with wings every time I hear their music…

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