Backstage With The Scissor Sisters: The Making of the Filthy/Gorgeous Video

Intervew with Loose Lips International Music Correspondent Ivana Gayman

Day 1:

Ok, so my first task as production assistant on this video was helping create the fetish room requested by crazed director John Cameron Mitchell (of Hedwig fame). As the director described it, the theme of the video was a “very trashy whore house with gorgeous drag queens… and lots of filth and glitter”.

So… The first..well, the two rooms designed were the… oh.. what were the words he used.. oh.. the office room.. the office fetish room with a humungous wig partly made out of chicken wire and cardboard boxes cut from my own hands.

NEWSFLASH: Ivana Gayman has box hands!

Oh God..ok.. and the second room was um.. the powertools room we called it. Which um..contained many props we had made including a powerdrill dildo. Ok. So that was that.

First day of the shoot JCM director was going over what was to be done the next day.. the hula hoop guy James – wish I could remember his stage name – was going over his routine while we were eating lunch. When he got the hula hoop around his mouth… acutally, before he did it, JCM said “oh do that thing with your mouth, it makes me crazy”.

Um, ok. So. Later in the day when I was sweeping the stage to prepare for a dance routine, JCM crazily grabbed the broom from my hands and inisted he sweep his own stage. I was shocked but pleased I did not have to sweep the stage. So that happened. Oh, ONE of the many drag queens I met at the fitting that day turned out to be the drummer from Scissor Sisters and they were trying different outfits on him. His name is Patrick.

Nothing really happened the first day so let’s go on to the 2nd day.

Day 2:

Started very early and the beginning of the day consisted of.. what was the day… I wish I.. so..the fashion people who were British brough up all the Gucci, Dior and D&G stuff.. so.. trying to think of the first interesting thing going on..

When everyone was trying to get dressed and ready, I was in a room with 3 naked people who asked if they could show their nipples or if they had to tape them. It was then that I knew I was in for a long day.

The video was filmed in midtown Manhattan and when outdoors to pass the time, amazing drag queen flotilla tried to make friends wtih the tourists passing by and their children in the backseats.

So, what did I just say… flotilla was entertaining..well.. in between shooting scenes, Patrick and I discovered our mutual love of rollie cigarettes. OH and while WE WERE OUTSIDE, A CRACKHEAD TRIED TO SELL US AN ooogly painting in a broken frame for $5. And then he kept asking me if I knew Wesley Snipes and I was like “No. I don’t”. He asked me like 5 times and then he left. That was bizarre.

Let’s talk more about the video shoot. All the crazy people started showing up. Ok, so one of the groups that perormed in the video were called.. what were they called again.. The Dazzles. An LA based group of gay men and hags that had a dance routine similar to the summer camp talent show. With lots of glitter and homemade outfits. But JCM insisted that they’re his new favourite thing. I don’t even know if they’re in the final cut of the video.

The amazing James hula hooping mastery was the highlight of the shoot day even when he had to go past 2 in the morning and everyone had been there all day. When the Scissor Sisters did their performance, Jake helped keep the crowd hyped up by flashing his ass through his assless pants which was covered up by a cape for most of the video. There is only one word to describe his outfit that day – GAY.

One of the highlights of the night was actually not in the theatre itself, but outside when a fight broke out between a crew member and a crazy tweaked out extra. The extra.. crackhead in question arrived.. OH with a huge umbrella she had stolen from a hot dog stand, sloppy makeup and a dildo necklace. Her friends consisted of a boy in really bad drag and two other freaks.

The tweaked out extra decided she wanted to climb on top of a large parking meter and when asked nicely by crew member to get down, she got very upset and spit in his face. When he tried to charge her, her ugly drag queen friend retaliated by hitting him. The fight was finally broken up by one of the lovelier drag kings. Fake facial hair and everything.

The extras then proceeded to leave but made a nasty comment that infuriated the crew member who charged at them with a chair only to be blocked by the infamous hot dog umbrella. After that the tweaked out extras decided to call the police and the crew member fled the scene. How do you teach someone to masturbate?? This really bothers m!!Ok, cos are called. Crew member was asked flethsceea he. AH AHAH.. “groan”

Oh.. the one stroke orgasm. YOU BETTER NOT BE WRITING THAT!

Oh my God she’s trying to like get him up the ass. She’s HORNY. And he’s NOT. Oh my God they’re watching people.. who puts this on TV?? Your country is insane!! I couldn’t see it. It was all infrared.

Oh.. you know what you could put at the end? One of the PAs told me that Patrick asked her out but I told her he was gay.. I think I put her off. But I have learned that I think he is straight. Does that make any sense? Yeah. She should’ve called him anyway. I don’t think she’ll listen to me. Why is there no sound? Is it on mute? What the hell? Why have they muted this whole bit? Hwah? That guy looks like a.. he has a medallion! He looks like Gareth Gates but.. tsk.. I made out wiht a guy that looked like Ben from Hollyoaks. No really what is that noise? Oh, has has a gay voice. Dark angels. Dancing naked by my (wait for it) … SIDE.

All I know is I take credit for discovering eyeliner boy cuz I noticed his potential. Those big gay twats. (Evil laughter) MWAHAHAHA

I think my friend has oral herpes.

Ok read it.

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