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This Week’s Diagnosis: HELP SAVE POP – BUY GIRLS ALOUD

by Dr. Pop

Now, welcome all to Popfection! With or without the exclamation mark it’s still astounding! Each week (or so) Doctor Pop will tell you what you should be listening to, and it is our plan to wipe out pretendy-pop-come-RnB acts or just rubbish ones such as JoJo, Ashlee Simpson, Blue, Katie Fucking Melua and Ashanti – you get the idea.

This week I must firstly urge you to put a vital date in your diary – November 29th 2004. It’s a Monday and it claims to be the day that pop begins to be saved, in full glory, by way of help from the God of Pop, Poptaculous. It is the release of the Girls Aloud new album ‘What Will The Neighbours Say’, including the rather marvellous ‘Wake Me Up’ (it should be bought purely for this song alone, but you also get the added benefit of the magnificence of Love Machine, The Show – we could go on..), so leave the flock of bloody RnWannabe’s and just get something that sounds good – you know you want to!

Only a few weeks ago, we were privileged to see the new video from POP! And it’s amazing. If you haven’t seen it make sure you do; really, your entire life will benefit from it! And, further to this, you must go and buy their single ‘Serious’ in January when it is released, simply because if you don’t they will have a big catfight with their label and in a mass of hair, wigs, glitter, shoulder pads and make-up (unless they don’t fight it out at a Hedwig convention) will be dropped and their cover of the Olivia Neutron-Bomb classic ‘Xanadu’ will never see the light of day, and millions, with Doctor Pop leading the way, will
mourn the loss of such a song never coming to light. It’ll be even more upsetting than Lisa Scott-Lee’s ‘Unleashed’ album never being released, and the evil ones* known as Mercury charging her £50,000 per song for her to get the rights to them!

(* Evil Ones: Record companies and associated executives – a la Simon Cowell – who believe releasing two singles is enough to grasp whether or not an artist is going to be successful).

And on a final note – a very quick, but very much needed one – Band Aid 2004, Doctor Pop has two words…Oh dear…This Week the Doctor is prescribing the following songs: POP! – Serious; Uniting Nations – Out of Touch; Slinkee Minx – Summer Rain (Xander Extended Mix and not the horrendous version that All Around The World think is a good Radio Edit); Geri – Ride It (Hex Hector Mix); Kylie – I Believe In You. This weeks golden oldie is ABBA – Just Like That.

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