Move Over Ken Livingstone – London Has a New Mayor!


Music, News | by — November 2, 2004


One-man band singing sensation Mayor McCa will soon be landing in London, no doubt to cause much mischief and mayhem, and shake up the miserable British music industry. McCa hails from Ontario, Canada and once ran for actual real-life Mayor in his hometown of Hamilton! Since 1997 this musical maverick has produced four albums, and has opened for acts such such as The Constantines and industry heavyweights Sum 41. McCa reconciles the benefits of going solo with the drawbacks of not having a band by playing bass drum with his right foot, bass synthesizer and tambourine with his left foot, guitar, keyboard, ukelele and assorted percussion with his hands, harmonicas and kazoo with his mouth, and adding vocals, clarinet and tap shoes.

McCa; London welcomes you with open arms! Bring it on!

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