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Secret Garden Party

24th – 27th of July 2008 Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire by Sunny Pops Secret Garden Party is a rousing independent music festival free of any corporate sponsorship, trotting on into its fifth year. Voted as the best British music festival of 2007 by BBC Radio 1, SGP has a warm and friendly atmosphere. Personally, I’ve never been […]

Secret Garden Party

by Joanna Orland Walking into Secret Garden Party was like being Alice in Wonderland – one giant Acid trip! There was something in the air – the whole festival was just one big surreal experience. And it was OH so delightful! Every step was something new and the randomness never eased up. After setting up […]

Ripping up the Riptons

Graham Coxon moves one place left as full and righteous master of his own domain. Secret Garden Party 2006 by Rumsfeld Gummit For 2006 the Secret Garden expanded to include more than double the entertainment that punters experienced last year. And so they should’ve. This little known festival, located on the outskirts of Huntingdon near […]