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Robots In Disguise: The Trials of the Robots

The Robots put on their Geil (HORNY) faces for the camera by Joanna Orland Robots in Disguise are probably known better for their Mighty Boosh association than their music. But with some great electro tunes in the vein of Chicks on Speed or Peaches, I doubt things will be that way forever for Robots in […]

Eels: The Mighty Boosh Festival

Hop Farm, Kent Saturday July 5, 2008 by Joanna Orland I think this festival can be summed up with: “Eels up inside ya – finding an entrance where they can!” It can be, but it won’t be because there were just too many awesome things that happened at the inaugural Mighty Boosh festival! And also, […]

Ripping up the Riptons

Graham Coxon moves one place left as full and righteous master of his own domain. Secret Garden Party 2006 by Rumsfeld Gummit For 2006 the Secret Garden expanded to include more than double the entertainment that punters experienced last year. And so they should’ve. This little known festival, located on the outskirts of Huntingdon near […]