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Edinburgh Festival Fringe

by Joanna Orland with Ruth Thomson, Katharine Fry & Ella Jean Foreword Edinburgh Festival Fringe is a huge undertaking.  The longer you are there, the less meaning time has to your existence.  You fully immerse yourself in a summer camp for the arts, a playground filled with high school dramas, tears, broken dreams and shattered […]

Jonny & the Baptists: The Satiric Verses

Jonny & the Baptists: The Satiric Verses by Joanna Orland Jonny & the Baptists sing political satirical material mostly about UKIP, with a very lighthearted tone, good tunes and with frozen smiles on their faces.  While their material is solidly enjoyable and the duo’s personalities endearing, the show feels a bit on the light side, […]

Jonny & the Baptists: The Stop UKIP Tour

May 22nd, 2014 Soho Theatre, London by Laura Patricia Jones When attending a show with a strong political stance on the eve of the European election, it’s hard to know what to expect. I’d heard nothing but good things about Jonny & the Baptists but had yet to sample any of their material for myself. […]