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Edinburgh Fringe: Michael Che

Michael Che: Six Stars Reviewed on August 9th, 2015 The Stand Comedy Club 3 by Bernie C Byrnes Back in October there was an internet hoo-ha about Michael Che’s comments about catcalling. He even closed his twitter account in January as a result after accusing his critics of missing the point: ‘i think some of […]

Edinburgh Festival Fringe

by Joanna Orland with Ruth Thomson, Katharine Fry & Ella Jean Foreword Edinburgh Festival Fringe is a huge undertaking.  The longer you are there, the less meaning time has to your existence.  You fully immerse yourself in a summer camp for the arts, a playground filled with high school dramas, tears, broken dreams and shattered […]

Will Franken: The Stuff They Put In Sleep

Will Franken: The Stuff They Put In Sleep by Joanna Orland Will Franken is a surrealist character comedian with a cult following.  His absurdist character work and sketches wouldn’t be out of place on Saturday Night Live in its more adventurous era of “not ready for prime time players” with elements of Dan Aykroyd, Bill […]

Vikki Stone: Instrumental

Vikki Stone: Instrumental by Joanna Orland Musical comedian Vikki Stone has “blagged, stolen and borrowed” twenty musical instruments for her show Instrumental.  The instruments become the score to her standup material which is often heartfelt and personal, and at other times falls a little flatter in this ambitious show. Vikki is quirky and she knows […]

Tony Law: Enter the Tonezone

Tony Law: Enter the Tonezone by Ruth Thomson Enter the Tone-Zone! Even at midday on four hours sleep you won’t regret it – in fact it might ease the journey. Alberta born surrealist Tony Law is a fine figure of a man, and aged 44 in a skin tight black onesie customised with red tassels […]

Tom Craine: Thoughts On Love (By a Man With None of the Answers)

Tom Craine: Thoughts On Love (By a Man With None of the Answers) by Ruth Thomson Affable English comedian Tom Craine has titled his show ’Thoughts on Love by a Man with None of the Answers’. Needless to say he’s single, not very good at relationships, and even worse at the horrendous concept that is […]

The Ruby Dolls: Fabulous Creatures

The Ruby Dolls: Fabulous Creatures by Katharine Fry Fabulous Creatures, in the intimate cabaret setting of the Assembly Checkpoint, is a riotous retelling of Mansfield Parks, with goats. Singing in divine four part harmony, the Dolls are certainly not your average sweethearts as they use Abigail Burdess’ sharply written lyrics to take a swing at […]

The Cold Clear Elsewhere

The Cold Clear Elsewhere by Katharine Fry The echoing chamber of Café Camino was the site of my encounter with Australian war bride Grace who dreams of an elsewhere in this exquisitely charming one-woman show written and performed by Jennifer Williams. Framed by a simple set of a washing line strung with sheets emblazoned with […]

Simon Feilder: All The Things I’m Not

Simon Feilder All The Things I’m Not by Ella Jean All The Things I’m Not was only lacking one thing. Unfortunately that one thing was comedy. Simon Feilder is a comedian with lots of energy, great stage presence and a good eye for detail when it comes to making a one-man show look slick. All […]

Set List: Stand-up Without a Net

Set List: Stand-up Without a Net by Joanna Orland The premise of Set List: Stand-up Without a Net is simple – world class comedians take to the stage with nothing prepared.  Topics appear on television monitors either side of the stage and the comic has to improvise their set before the audience’s very eyes.  This […]