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Richard Herring Wants You To Save Comedy!

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Comedy, Interviews | by — January 17, 2013

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by Paul Foxcroft As headlines go, some are direct quotes and some reek of conjecture and hyperbole. Richard Herring may want you to do any number of things, I can’t know. What I do know is presented below, but I’ve learned from other media that the title of something is given a little leeway in […]

Ross Lee

by Joanna Orland Ross Lee is a unique character. This should come as no surprise as his career is based on playing rather distinctive characters, whether it be whilst pranking people on his BBC3 hidden camera show Pranker, or in one of his more personal shows such as his upcoming musical Horace Fingernips. In spite […]

Rich Fulcher

by Joanna Orland American comedian, author and improviser Rich Fulcher was kind enough to take time out of his busy schedule for a chat. Known best for his Mighty Boosh characters such as Bob Fossil, Rich’s comedy repertoire is fully extensive and ever growing. But let’s start at the beginning of his career in the […]