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Raindance Film Festival: Lucky Stiff


Directed by Christopher Ashley Starring Dominic Marsh, Nikki James, Jason Alexander, Pamela Shaw and Dennis Farina by Joanna Orland Based on the off-Broadway musical of the same name, Lucky Stiff brings musical farce to the big screen with a talented cast and a kitsch style.  It will be hard for the film to avoid being […]

Raindance Film Festival: The Ninth Cloud


Directed by Jane Spencer Starring Jean Hugues Anglade, Michael Madsen and Megan Maczko The Ninth Cloud is an existential comedy drama set to a backdrop of London’s prime hipster turf, Hackney.  Zena (Megan Maczko) is reminiscent of a young Charlotte York in the midst of an existential crisis and psychotic meltdown.  While her behaviour would […]

Raindance Film Festival: Amira and Sam


Directed by Sean Mullin Starring Martin Starr, Paul Wesley & Dina Shihabi by Joanna Orland Martin Starr’s dramatic potential is finally realized in a role worthy of his talents.  As title character Sam in director Sean Mullin’s debut feature Amira and Sam, Starr gives a brilliantly modest and naturalistic performance as an ex-soldier trying to […]

Raindance Film Festival: The Beat Beneath My Feet

The Beat Beneath My feet_26C1886 1 (2048x1193)

Directed by John Williams Starring Luke Perry, Nicholas Galitzine and Lisa Dillon by Joanna Orland A formulaic concept at its core, The Beat Beneath My Feet impresses with its unique voice and endearingly catchy songs.  The film puts a new spin on the classic cinematic premise of young awkward boy meets grumpy older man who […]

The Axis of Awesome


The Axis of Awesome are an Australian musical comedy act who satirize and parody pop culture and an array of music genres through their original and awesome songs.  Their biggest hit 4 Chords, a medley of 36 pop songs each using the same chord progression, is one of the most popular comedy videos on YouTube.  […]

20,000 Days on Earth Gala

Nick Cave

by Joanna Orland The stars arrived in droves for the 20,000 Days on Earth gala at London’s Barbican on the evening of September 17th, 2014.  Those involved with the film such as directors Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard, actor Ray Winstone and members of The Bad Seeds joined celebrities such as Ben Whishaw who snuck […]

Oliver Dench


by Joanna Orland Summer of 2014 saw the debut of Revolve Theatre Company’s one-man rendition of Shakespeare’s Hamlet as it was performed at this year’s Henley Fringe Festival.  Actor and Revolve Theatre Company Artistic Director Oliver Dench discusses theatre, Shakespeare and his great aunt Dame Judi.   How did you decide to form Revolve Theatre […]

Magic in the Moonlight


Written and Directed by Woody Allen Starring Emma Stone, Colin Firth, Marcia Gay Harden, Jacki Weaver, Hamish Linklater and Eileen Atkins In UK Cinemas September 19th, 2014 by Joanna Orland Woody Allen has taken a step backwards with his latest film Magic in the Moonlight.  After the critical success of his last two films Midnight […]

Win Another Frank Mask


To celebrate the UK DVD release of the film Frank we are giving you yet another chance to win a promotional item which we obtained at its Sundance London UK premiere.  The film which stars Michael Fassbender as the man in the mask was a huge hit at Sundance Festival both in Utah and in London. For […]

Grand Piano


Directed by Eugenio Mira Starring Elijah Wood, John Cusack, Kerry Bishé, Allen Leech and Tamsin Egerton In UK Cinemas September 19th, 2014 by Jaded Journo Imagine the film Phone Booth, but instead of a phone booth, it’s a grand piano.  If this sounds as awesome to you as it did to me, then this movie […]